EVOLUTION Of Cooch Behar Debuttor Trust Board to its present form
Through Govt. of India Notification (Ministry of Law) the Governor General of India was pleased to issue order "THE STATES’ MERGER (Governors’ Provinces) ORDER-1949" (Appendix-XLIV dt. New Delhi 27thJuly, 1949), absorbing Provinces to merge with the States. 

     By a subsequent Govt. of India Notification (Appendix XLVI dated New Delhi  the 31st December, 1949), the Governor General of India was pleased to issue "THE STATES’ MERGER (West Bengal) ORDER-1949" with relevant amendments of the previously issued notification (as given in previous paragraph) the Province Cooch Behar was merged with the State of West Bengal with effect from 1st January, 1950

     In terms of the Clauses No. 8 of the Agreement made between the Governor General of India and His Highness the Maharaja of Cooch Behar on the 28th August, 1949 (vide D.O. No. F 15 (19) – P/49 Ministry of States New Delhi dated 31st August, 1949). 

     The Management of the Temples and Debutter properties in the state may be entrusted to a Trust which shall consist of :
  • His Highness as President,
  • three nominees of His Highness and
  • two nominees of Government.
     This Trust will be in-charge of all temples in the State and will also administer the properties of the temples both inside and outside the State. 

     The Govt. of West Bengal in Land and Land Revenue Deptt. (Land Revenue Branch) formed the Cooch Behar Religious Trust (vide order no. 8900 – L.R. dated Calcutta, the 14th May, 1956) as follows :
  1. His Highness the Maharaja BhupBahadur of Cooch Behar (President)
  2. Sri S.C. Roy Singha
  3. Sri DharaniSankarBhattacharjee, M.A.B.L.
  4. Sri DevendranandaChakraborty, M.A.B.L.
  5. The Deputy Commissioner, Cooch Behar
  6. The Sub-divisional Officer, Sadar, Cooch Behar
[Note : Sl. nos. 2, 3 & 4 are Members (Nominee of His Highness); sl. nos.5 & 6 are Ex-Officio -Members ]
     For smooth functioning of the Cooch Behar Religious Trust, the Government of West Bengal throughGazette Notification (vide L & L.R. Deptt. Vide their No. 10777-LR dated Calcutta the 24th June, 1996) Published "The Cooch Behar Religious Trust Rules, 1966" wherein the formation, its office, powers and functions of the Trust have been defined.
     The said notification also reiterated the formation of the Trust as given above. However the said formation was amended (vide Board of Revenue Notification No. 11086 C CBDT/6/81 dated 10-09-1981) as follows :-

     The "Cooch Behar Religious Trust" was also known as "Debuttor Trust Board, Cooch Behar"

     Instead of mentioning the names of the members the formation of the Trust became as follows :-
  1. The Successor of the erstwhile Maharaja of Cooch Behar according to law and custom (President)
  2. Member
  3. Member
  4. Member
  5. Deputy  Commissioner, Cooch Behar
  6. Sub-div. Officer (Sadar), Cooch Behar
[Note : Sl. nos. 2, 3 & 4 are to be nominated by the President;  sl. nos.5 & 6 are Ex-Officio -Members ]
     After obtaining the consent of the Members of the Debuttor Trust, Cooch Behar, the Govt. of West Bengal, Board of Revenue Deptt. Section A.IV, CBDT Branch) through Govt. notification No-6771-CBDT/3/79 dated Kolkata the 22nd July, 1988.) directed that the supervisory function of the Board of Revenue West Bengal in relation to the Cooch Behar Religious Trust was transferred to the Tourism Deptt. Govt. of West Bengal with effect from the date of issue of that notification. 

     The Cooch Behar Religious Trust Rules, 1966 was again amended on the occasion of having no direct progeny Maharaja, vide notification No. 1115-TW/9T-3/97 (III) Kolkata, the 21st May, 2004 of Tourism Department, Govt. of West Bengal, as the State Govt. shall have the liberty to nominate any nominee of the Govt. as "President" of the Trust"

     In continuation of the said amendment the Govt. of West Bengal in Tourism Deptt. had issued Ordervide No. 1155-TW/9T-3/97 (pt. III) dated 27-05-2004 that the District Magistrate, Cooch Behar, a nominee of the State Govt. as a Trustee of the Trust was appointed as President of the Cooch Behar Debuttor Trust.