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About the Mela
Of the twelve Yatras (journeys) of Lord Madan Mohan (like DolYatra, RathaYatra etc.), RussYatra is one the most celebrated festivals of Cooch Behar and the grandest of all celebrations associated with Madan Mohan. Starting from the auspicious day of Russ Purnima, special worship/offerings to Madan Mohan is carried out for continuous 15 days. Lord Madan Mohan is seen seated on His beautifully decorated throne with the golden umbrella atop, in the front corridor of the temple. Madan Mohan Bari lights up amidst special light decorations and exhibition of various clay statues related to Krishna-lila and Purana. Every year, concerning the RussLila of Sri Krishna, MadanMohanBari turns into a fusion of religious, social and cultural aspects of the people of Cooch Behar.
It is possibly felt that to commemorate the house-warming ceremony of Maharaja Harendra Narayan along with his kin & relatives at the new residence of Bhetaguri on the Russ Purnima in 1812 AD, the Russmela (festival associated with Russ) is celebrated since then.
Weather of Cooch Behar during Russ Yatra Mela
Weather is pleasant with chill in the air, cool and serene climatic condition gives sense of joy. It becomes chilly during evening and night hours . Woolens would be needed as the following temperature prevails.
  • HIGHEST - 32.8°C, 1st 1950
  • LOWEST - 8.7°C, 30th 1970
  • MONTHLY TOTAL - 10.8 mm
  • NO. OF RAINY DAYS -0.8
  • TOTAL IN WETTEST MONTH - 142.0 mm, 1932
  • HEAVIEST RAIN IN 24 HOURS -88.4 mm, 6th 1932
Events and Inauguration ceremony
The main attraction of the Russmela is the RussMancha or RussChakra. Built on bamboo framework all around a 30 feet tall wooden pole, the Russ Chakra is built with sophisticated paper designs finely cut-out along with posters of various Gods & Goddess. The Russ Chakra is the ancestral craft of a Muslim family. Direct influence of Buddhism and Islam religions can be observed on the Russ Chakra which symbolises the communal harmony viewpoint of the Maharajas of Cooch Behar. On the auspicious moment of Russ Purnima, after completion of the worship of Ma Katyayoni and Russ Mancha, the Maharaja used to declare the opening of the festival by rotating the Russ Chakra. At present, the District Magistrate of Cooch Behar (also President of the Debuttor Trust Board) performs the inauguration of the festival. People gather in flocks at the temple during the celebration of the Russmela because rotating the Russ Chakra is believed to be a holy duty of the devotees.
Gathering and Duration of Mela
The Mela starts from Russ Purnima or KartickPurnima that is full moon day in the month of November , it is month long celebration.

Thousands of people gather to offer puja in the Madan Mohan Temple and enjoy the fun and frolic filled events and acts in the Mela.