Tourism Significance of Cooch Behar
Cooch Behar district is situated in the north-east corner of West Bengal state of India. It is bounded by the district of Jalpaiguri in the north and north-west, state of Assam in the east (bounded by the districts of Kokrajhar & Dhubri in Assam) and the International Border in the form of Indo-Bangladesh boundary in the south and south-west. Beside this bounded area there are enclaves (called Chhits) which are outlying and detached tracts of land situated inside Bangladesh. There are 110 such Chhits.

For more details please contact :
Tourist Information Centre
Zillaparishad Atithi Nibas (at Kachari More near Sagar Dighi)
Cooch Behar - 736101

Contact Person :
Mr. Partha Dutta (ATO)
Phone : (03582) 231527

You may also contact District Information & Cultural Office at (03582) 228331
Rajbari (Royal Palace) of the "Koch" Dynasty
Among the tourist attractions in Cooch Behar, what strikes first in our mind is the Rajbari or the palace of the Kings and the adjoining royal buildings as well as the endless royal facts & stories. In fact, being the place of the Raj (monarchy), the district captures the bygone glorious past in the moods of local people even today. The peace loving people of Cooch Behar even boast of this beautiful city where the Maharajas (kings) used to stay and never tires, if not laments in excitement, narrating the Raj stories.

Rajbari - royal palace of the Koch

Cooch Behar Royal Palace

It is obvious that anyone who has visited Cooch Behar city cannot keep sound in not appreciating this beautiful planned city with infrastructure quite similar to any modern planned city. Moreover, the place is so quiet & calm, void of the hassle-n-bustle of busy cities. And above that the climate here like the rest of North-Bengal is just fine to let you feel the freshness & beauty of nature all around.
Heritage Buildings
The beautiful buildings constructed by the Maharajas are now being used by various public departments. These buildings mark an era of imperialism and power.
Sagar Dighi (pool)
A serene place suitable for walk or meditation. Feel the breeze